Founded in 1996 in Colorado, the Whiteknuckle Monoski Company is back.


White Knuckle Monoskis started as a pure passion endeavor by someone that loved everything about monoskiing except the availability of the products themselves!  That led to the creation of a legacy in the monoski community:  Skis that were unique, handcrafted snow machines that excelled in most conditions.  Scott Gordon, or the Guru as many White Knuckle owners called him, created skis that are cherished and horded by many in the monoski community to this day.  Unfortunately, White Knuckles stopped being produced in 2002 due to investment capital failures in the crash that pulled the rug out from under White Knuckle.

The hope to resurrect White Knuckle Monoskis never passed, and in 2013 opportunity knocked at the right time.

Three monoskiers in Washington State got an offer they could not refuse, and bought White Knuckle to bring back the best monoski brand they had ever had the chance to ride! 

They made themselves a promise that they wouldn’t start to sell the skis until they could make sure the skis they made, lived up to the legacy they had been entrusted with.
Erik Larson, Scott Hicks and Pete Maskiell all come from different backgrounds but have one awesome thing in common.  They love to ski, and now make White Knuckle Monoskis!

Erik is a Mechanical Engineer, and helps the team engineer all the skis we want to make.

Scott is an aerospace mechanic, and makes sure all the skis are crafted with the care, precision and quality, that the airplanes he is entrusted with are.

Pete is a coffee roaster, and uses his skills in artesian product development and manufacturing to keep the skis and press in constant motion (even if it’s just in his head!)

Since White Knuckle is not our primary source for income, we work on it when we can.  That means we do things a bit slower, but because we want to do it right!  It is our source of great passion for us, and quality takes time…

The promise we made to ourselves, is the same promise we want to make to anyone that rides a White Knuckle Monoski:

We want to make skis that are worthy of a legacy of artistic craftsmanship that last!



Erik Larson
Partner, Engineering

Pete Maskiel
Partner, Operations

Scott Hicks
Partner, Design