2018 production continues

We’ve been working hard making skis!  So far  we’ve cranked out 3-173 Carvers, 2-180 Carvers, and some custom 187 and 194 All-Mountain’s!  Here’s a few pics of the bounty!


Someone asked for a 194 xx-wide (25mm bigger!)  Here the core has been cut with a stringer and sidewalls added!  This is going to be unique beast for sure! 




Speedy Gonzales in da house! 


Some custom stencils!  The bottom one is from a board Erik took across the pond to this years Mondial.  The top of this board is one of my favorites!   



194 AM custom round tail being tested!  This is the first board we’ve made using a ‘Carbonium’ topsheet with a simulated carbon fiber weave that’s supposed to keep snow from building up on the topsheet! 



The All American Flames of our favorite elk hunting Tahoe bump Master! 



I hope this one is fast!  Super clean and simple! 



This years Carvers, ready to lay some trenches!